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This Is Me

With Italian roots, I was born in Bern Switzerland  and grew up in a very creative and musical family. At the age of 10 I learned to play the flute and today I plays over 6 instruments. One day I found my father's camera at home. Since then I couldn't keep my hands off it.


It started with very simple videos. I didn't even know that there were programs to edit the videos. Over the years, I taught himself countless film and 3D programs and was also able to successfully complete the film course at the School of Design in Bern.  Thanks to my skills, I offers the whole range from A-Z for film production (concept, music videos, sound design, VFX compositing etc.).

Steven Spinosi


Professional Knowledge

3D Animation, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Compositing, Character Rigging, Color Grading, 3D Visualization.


Cinema 4D

After Effects

Octane Renderer

Redshift Renderer



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